This learning technologies thing….I am getting it now!

villagers joining in the fun

Dalton Parva Village Street Party, 30 Apr 2011

A Right Royal Doo!

So you would have to be pretty remote and cut off not to have not seen at least some mention of the right royal wedding yesterday!

Following my twitter feeds I could see a mixed bag of those who would be following and those that had no interest whatsoever.  I however, looked forward to the day and the chance to join a couple of friends in a small Rotherham village, Dalton Parva to celebrate the festivities at their street party. 

The majority of villagers came out despite the windy and cold conditions and joined in the fun, bouncy castle, hog roast and bunting galore.  This was my first visit to the village but it wasn’t long before I felt like a local as a result of the villagers being so warm, welcoming and social.

My right royal reflections….

Returning home that evening I began to reflect and considered not only how great the face to face socialising had been but also how great it had been to use technology throughout the day to link in with friends across the world. 

Through Twitter I enjoyed following and participating in the banter between my followers and the people I follow. 

Through YouTube I could access a multitude of video clips posted by people from everywhere capturing the day.

With Facebook I connected with friends across the world whose comments and pictures showed me how they were celebrating the day. I also used it to share a story board of my own pictures and to connect with the new friends I had made.

Later reflections (at the point I was planning to go to sleep!) found me thinking through how I had used technology on this day to capture the event,  how this experience had enriched my own personal learning technologies journey and how I really could start using the technologies more to support my workplace learning.  I recognised how very little I am actively encouraged during learning events to capture the day, reflect on this and share my learning with others.

I thought about the times at the beginning of a face to face event where I had been asked to switch off my phone.  What if I hadn’t been asked to do this and instead encouraged to leave my phone on?  I could capture the day in pictures and video and use twitter/facebook/youtube and/or my blog to share my learning story.  I could connect with the other learners on the course to build up my online network and through this further continue my learning to develop beyond the event. I could build on this to share my ongoing experiences of how I was applying this learning into the workplace and the value this added.

It was a restless night reflecting on this right royal event but before I finally dropped off I thought, “… know what….I am getting  it now….the potential of this learning technologies thing!!”  I don’t need to be encouraged by anybody else to capture and share my story – I can take responsibility and do this myself!  I can however, actively encourage the learners in my community and beyond to give these technologies a go; to capture and share their own stories and join in with like-minded friends and colleagues across the world committed to doing the same.

It is still a relatively short time since I started making the effort to use technologies such as facebook, twitter, youtube and wordpress as learning tools but now that I have made them part of my daily life I am learning something new and valuable every single day.

If you haven’t taken the plunge yet….DO…it is worth it!